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in brentwood, kron four news >> crime in the city of berkeley is up. according to the police chief. one crime rate category that has skyrocketed. is cases of rape. kron four's philippe djegal reports on the staggering year to year increase. >> reporter: in 2012. the berkeley police department says there were 39 reported rape cases. nine of those were attempted rapes. compared to 20 rapes in 2011. that's a 95-percent rise from year to year. investigations captain andy greenwood saying during a tuesday night crime report presentation to the city council. that the overwhelming majority of the rapes happened in the neighborhoods surrounding the u-c berkeley campus. where there is a dense student population. police say alcohol and or drugs were inolved in almost half of the cases. police say none of the attacks involved a stranger entering a home. and, only two involved a stranger on the street. police say the majority of the victims were raped by and acquaintance, friend, or people involved in past dating relationships. investigators here at the police department say there is no clear reason for
, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a city in shock. after two officers are gunned downit all ended in a hail of gunfire. now police are mourning other agencies step up to keep the city of santa cruz safe. santa cruz police officers have been given time off from work. to mourn the two officers who died in thenew at 11. kron four's jeff the city safe. until they comeback on patrol. >> reporter: the santa cruz police department has fewer than a force. everyone in the department knows everyone in the department so, it's understandable why the chief gave everyone time off. cruz police we're providing grief counseling services to our officers and we are doing the best job that we can as recover from this event. >> reporter: during that time, the streets of santa cruz will be patroled by two agencies. the santa cruz sheriff's department and the california highway patrol business during the mourning period. take a look for yourself. on wednesday, officers from both agencies were working together to investigate this car crash in town. chp was taking the report and sheriff's deputies were di
80 officers. kron four's philippe djegal explains why city officials say, they're having a tough time filling positions. the walnut creek police department website currently shows two full-time police officer positions are available. offering a salary range between 76 and 93-thousand dollars a year. might sound good. but police chief joel bryden tells the city council that might not be competitive enough. councilman justin wedel says potential candidates are force. instead, choosing other bay area police departments because othey officer a more competitive salary and benefits package. now, that the department is under-staffed. wedel says some detectives have been reassigned to patrol, putting some long- term investigations on hold. traffic cops have also been reassigned to patrol. as have the officers on the downtwon police task force, who monitor bars and crackdown on drunk drivers. councilman wedel says any and all options are on the table to attract more officers to the force. he says the city is putting potential candidates through two academies within the next six months. wedell
york city. annie - we are hearing the storm is set to bring a full 24 hours of snow? >> yes. some rain off on the coast. >> some are rain off the coast and deep snow. let me show you the watch this is where we could see the heaviest various through 1:00 p.m. what we could see is some snowfall from boston and high wind gusting. new york city is also going to see 1 ft. in some areas. a lot more expected for to marron. difficult to get around. >> pam: trains in the bay area starting up again. after a deadly accident brings trains along one rail to screeching halt. kron 4's jeff bush has the details. >> reporter: frustrated cal train riders were sitting for hours on the tracks near charleston road in palo alto. the south bound train hit a pedestrian around east meadow road about a quarter mile away around 7:30. you can see the same look was on almost everyone's face as they looked out the window at sheriff's deputies, cal train officials and county the coroner conducted the investigation. the accident completely halted train traffic, north and southbound for about an hour and a half, and a
. members of both the palo alto and menlo park city councils were on hand to speak about upcoming legislation in each city regarding gun control. those in attendance said. more needs to be done to reduce access to dangerous weapons >> lawrence byrd, gun control advocate: we need tighter gun control laws in america. >> the event was part of a national day of action. designed to put more pressure on lawmakers to end gun violence. >> jacqueline: the tail end of this system pressing through we could see temperatures dropping a few degrees per hour at a time. it will stay mild and cooler. >> pam: put on your "suit and tie!" -- j-t and jay-z are planning a performance at candlestick park! justin timberlake and jay - z are going on a world tour this summer and one of their stops. is san francisco on july 26th. the tour is called "legends of the summer". and tickets go on sale february 28th. >> burglars are now targeting tourists visiting some of san francisco's most iconic spots! we show you where! hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of marijuana found in gilroy. we show you the scene
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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